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US and Canadian Free US and Canadian Sweepstakes, Contests, Freebees, Shopping Coupons, Discounts and Bargains.

Free U.S.  Sweepstakes, Contests, Freebies, Shopping Coupons, Discounts and Bargains.

Free Canadian Sweepstakes, Contests, Freebies, Shopping Coupons, Discounts and Bargains.

Free Coupons Free shopping coupons, grocery coupons, discount coupons, and printable coupons.

Free Planet Kids Sweepstakes, Contests, Freebies, Kids Toys, Cool Kids Links, Fun and Games, Arts and Crafts, Shopping Coupons, Discounts and Bargains

Angels Everything Angels, Guardian angels, Angels Resources, Free Angel  ecards, Angel gifts, Angel Collectables, Angel Messages, Angel books, and Angel Stories

Only The Good News There is good news all over the world! This is a site where positivism is important. Lets share all our "Good News" stories

Free Dating Sites with millions of singles seeking love relationships, dating, and friendships. Post your free personal ad, browse photo albums, and enjoy safe online dating

Shopping online, coupons, discounts, savings, specials, low costs and Bargains
Description: Sweepstakes and contests brought together and organized in an easily navigated site - coupons, certificates, discounts, freebees, and contests!
Description: Sweepstakes and contests brought together and organized in an easily navigated site - coupons, certificates, discounts, freebees, and contests!

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Goldy's Favorite links... tell-me-everything-you-know-about-the-planet-goldilocks/ There is no official name for any planet outside our solar system other than the star and a letter.The only planet that was initially called Goldilocks is 70 Virginis b, but its 60 light years away.If you mean Gliese 571 g, it has an orbital period of 37 days, orbiting at a distance of 0.146 AU from its parent star which is a red dwarf.So even though it may be within the "goldilocks zone" or habitable zone of the star, it is so close to its star that it is likely tidally locked (like the moon is with Earth).Yes, it rotates – in the same time it orbits its star.No way to know if life exists there – at least not at this time. Once they are able to analyse the atmosphere (if it exists) in detail, they may find compounds that indicate the possibility of life.Until we actually get there, however, we will not know for sure if there is life there, or what kind of life it is.There is no data on if there is oxygen or water – those are things needed for life as we know it on Earth. But other lifeforms may need other elements. If there is water and oxygen that doesn't mean there is life. 1 month ago 100% 1 Vote 5 people rated this as good

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