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Try our NEW Meal Replacements & Snack Routines! A well-rounded & nutritious way to fuel your on-the-go lifestyle. Jus by Julie offers Breakfast Packs, Lunch & Dinner Packs, Wellness Treatment Packs and Healthy Snack Routines!


BEAT THE BLOAT! Discover the benefits of a happy & healthy digestive system. Our JUSes give you plenty of the fiber-rich foods that you need, but don't always get. Make a JUS part of your daily routine to help stay regular and feel lighter

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Realher Products

RealHer Cosmetics - 20% off on 1st Order, Code WELCOME20-

Realher was created by Bill Xiang for her daughter in the idea to make a difference for the world for all women.
RealHer was created with a mission to inspire and empower all through the quotes featured on each product. These quotes act as a reminder that the wearer is Powerful and Fearless and can take on whatever challenges he or she may face. Giving back to society through partnerships and donations is an important aspect of RealHer’s mission to support and empower all through non-profit organizations.See Vegan Products


The 10 Best Vegan and Cruelty-Free Red Lipsticks on the Market




Home garden



-Suzanne Somers' Organic Make-Up !That's Actually Good For Your Skin. Superfood For Your Skin-

Suzanne Somers

- Suzanne Somers <

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Shop The Rainforest Site

Environmentally safe products Will be listed on Planet Green. I will try to post the best sales and coupons for any product that is environmentally safe. Or help the Planet

Healthy You

Try  NEW Meal Replacements & Snack Routines! A well-rounded & nutritious way to fuel your on-the-go lifestyle. Jus by Julie offers Breakfast Packs, Lunch & Dinner Packs, Wellness Treatment Packs and Healthy Snack Routines!healthfood




ALWAYS Proud to introduce you Organimals! Handmade by a team of underprivileged moms who lovingly craft these heirloom-quality safe stuffed animals from GOTS certified organic cotton yarn. From sheep to monkeys, dogs, cats, elephants and other animal favorites, these stuffed animals will delight kids receiving them as gifts. They come in bright colors and soft neutrals and also make wonderful baby gifts.

The women who make Organimals are allowed to bring their children to work, where the facility provides a playroom with books and toys and baby facilities. Through this experience, a dedicated group of women and moms has been born to support each other. Flexibility and fair wages are also key. Once trained, these moms are empowered to be able to work from home - allowing them to both support and care for their families.
offering FREE SHIPPING with an order of 2 or more. No code is required.


Green Sale Eco friendly environmentally safe products gifts coupons discounts  

Receive 10% off any bedding purchase at The Ultimate Green Store with coupon code: HEALTHYBED

We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed resting and rejuvenating. Conventional mattresses, sheets, pillows and many other bedding products are made with all kinds of toxic chemicals and finishes that are bad for our health. From pesticides and heavy metal dyes used to grow cotton to brominated or chlorinated fire retardants used in the production of mattresses, these are chemicals that have no place near our bodies!

At The Ultimate Green Store they believe everything can be made a better way! They are committed to carrying products that are made with respect for your health and our planet.

10% OFF all bedding orders. This offer is good through August 10th, 2018 with code: HEALTHYBED

Bedding section, where you can find all of their  non-toxic bedding options including organic mattresses, mattress pads and toppers, sheets, comforters, pillows and more : Bedding.

Coyuchi Organic Sateen Sheets & Bedding ($27 - $306)
Sateen sheets are lustrous on one side and slightly matte on the other. This 100% organic cotton sateen is loomed to a 300-thread count in a buttery sateen weave that resists wrinkling.

Holy Lamb Organics Cotton & Wool Organic Comforter in Cool Comfort
Price: $375 - $485
This all-natural 250-thread count comforter is filled with 100% pure grown organic wool and covered with organic cotton sateen fabric. Features temperature range selection: Cool Comfort Perfect Comfort or Extra Warmth. Hand tufted every 6"- 8"

Holy Lamb Organics Cotton & Eco-Wool Organic Mattress Protector
Price: $185 - $325
Handmade with care in the USA this eco-friendly mattress protector is made from thick-felted 100% organic wool textile and features elastic straps to keep it in place. Available in Twin & Twin XL Full Queen King and California King.

Holy Lamb Organics Wooly Down Pillow
Price: $135 - $170
This is the most malleable pillow we offer. Shape it hug it even unstuff it a little if you’d like. We designed this pillow to support you the way you’d like to be supported. The tiny wool puffs are similar to down feathers in the sense that you can move the filling around to be any shape you desire. The wool puffs have more substance than down and can take a shape and hold it...until you want it to move it around to a different shape. This pillow won’t compress as much as regular wool batting pillows tend to do plus it is easier to wash and care for than our other wool products.

Holy Lamb Organics Cotton & Wool Orthopedic Organic Neck Pillows
Price: $129
This eco-friendly certified organic cotton & wool neck pillow is handmade in the USA using cruelty-free methods and designed with contoured neck boldsters on either side for orthopedic neck & cervical allignment and support. Size 20"x25."



Organic to Green - Liquid Coconut Oil,Kosher - Vegan - Natural - Fair Trade - Therapeutic Grade - Made in the USA

-Liquid coconut oils - the modern option for coconut oil lovers; all-in-one: moisturizer, cleanser, make-up remover, shaving and more- -Free Shipping For Orders Over $50. Sign Up For Newsletter And Get 10% Off First Order


 reusable bags -5+ items from the collection 50% off. No code needed.

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AND 2 items from the collection 20% offNo coupon code needed

For many years® was known as®, a site that played a very important role in spawning the reusable shopping bag movement & in raising greater awareness of the plastic bag problem. Yet, through reuseit’s broader vision and actions, They found the potential to be so much more than just reusable bags. It is important to them that they continue to evolve, while also maintaining the eco-conscious viewpoint that has earned your trust for years. They strive to offer a range of products that are sustainable and eco-friendly, and of course, reusable.

Their goal is to be the premier retailer of products that have a reasonable level of sustainability and that aid you in maintaining an eco-conscious lifestyle—one that pushes towards maintaining a low environmental impact, reducing waste, eating healthy, engaging in physical activity and more. They aim to provide you with quality products that make living out these choices easier everyday without having a negative impact on our precious environment.

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Call Now: 844-850-5964

Food & Drinks Gourmet

-Call Now: 844-850-5964- Wise Food Storage has the highest quality freeze-dried food available today.
Wise Food Storage’s ready-made meals carry a shelf life of 25 years, with absolutely no rotation needed. That's 25 years without the stress of wondering if your family will have enough good, usable food when emergency strikes.(FOODS)

-30% Off 120 Servings of Wise Emergency Survival Food Entrees + Free Shipping! No code needed. valid 7/22 - 7/25 - -Wise Company 360 Serving Freeze Dried Fruit Combo - Buy Now at $424.99!-

Wise Company takes an innovative approach in providing dependable, simple and affordable ready-made freeze dry and dehydrated food for emergency preparedness and outdoor use.
AOS: $400-CR: 2.25%-Free Samples
Made with premium ingredients in the U.S.A.
100% Quality Guaranteed
Gluten Free Options

 Call Now: 844-850-5964

-3 Day Survival Kit + Free Shipping at! No code needed - Limited Time Mon-Fri : 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
(all times Mountain)

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ORGANIC Makeup Collection

More info here Cosmetics

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PRANA Shop now for organic Foods

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Nuts, seeds, chia, dried fruits, snacks, super foods Shop organic now

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Organic Beauty

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Bedding section, where you can find all of our non-toxic bedding options including #organicmattresses, #mattress pads and toppers, #sheets, comforters, pillows and more : #Bedding.  #ad


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