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Genealogy is a pastime(his) my grandpa and I enjoy exploring together. I came across your site the other day and noticed all of the helpful information you have for folks like me who find this subject fascinating, so thanks for that! I don’t know if you’re planning on updating any of your resource pages, but if you are, I’m passing along some information on genealogy I’ve found really helpful that might make a good fit for your site. By the way, my grandpa and I have also recently been looking into other historical records, like those for our homes, city, and local institutions, so I’ve included information on those topics, too, since I think people who enjoy genealogical exploration will enjoy them.

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Within days of putting what I knew about my family tree on Genes Reunited I was emailed by a member who said part of my tree was wrong. I had assumed I was related to the first wife of my 2 x great grandfather (Edward Grummitt, 1813-84), but the member showed me clearly that my 2 x great grandmother was actually his second wife, Mary Searson (1815-98). He pointed out excitedly that this was good news for my family tree, because Mary Searson is what is known as a 'gateway ancestor'. Read more of Laurence's story here to find out how the family traces back to the Norman Conquest, and to Charlemagne! 

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The Captures and Escapes of Basil Embry 

Air Chief Marshal Sir Basil Edward Embry was a senior Royal Air Force commander and Commander-in-Chief of Fighter Command from 1949 to 1953. From 26 May 1940 when his plane was shot down over Saint-Omer Embry's life became an incredible series of escapes and recaptures.

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Britain's success at the 1924 winter games 

Sochi 2014 has seen the nation's best performance at the Winter Olympics in 78 years. This month we look back at the athletes that made the initial winter games in 1924 Britain's best. 

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