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Valentines Day 2018

Valentines Day 2018 Tips

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Hatcountry is an online hat, boot, & western wear retailer that has been operating online since 2003. They began specializing in cowboy hats,they also offer a wide variety of other hats such as fedoras, flat caps, ball caps, bucket hats, and sun hats for men, women, and children. They carry the top brands in the industry: Stetson, Resistol, Charlie 1 Horse, Bailey, HOOey, Jack Daniels, Kangol, 47 Brand and more. also sells cowboy boots, clothing, and accessories for the whole family.

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Valentine's Day Lingerie tips For Men from Hips and Curves


Cooking TechniquesDone To Perfection: Your Guide To Steak Doneness

There is – of course – no better food to grill than a richly marbled, perfectly aged cut of USDA Prime steak. But before you finish tying up the strings on your “Kiss The Chef” apron, it’s best to be sure you have the basics of steak doneness down.

With this guide to Steak doneness, we’ll show you what happens when you cook your steak, what the different levels of doneness are (and what they for your steak’s tenderness and flavor), and how you can be sure that you’ve cooked your steak to the perfect level of doneness.

What Cooking Does To Your Steak
There are two parts to grilling a gorgeous ribeye or strip. The first is making sure that the steak reaches a consistent internal temperature. It’s this internal temperature that’s used to determine a steak’s doneness.

When you cook meat, you’re doing three things:

  1. You’re breaking down it’s proteins: Muscle proteins, which are usually tightly balled, begin to unwind. This is why rawer steaks are chewier than more cooked ones.
  2. You’re evaporating water: Roughly ¾ of a steak’s muscle fibers are made of water. As you cook a steak, that water evaporates. Hence why a well done steak has less mass and less juiciness than a rare steak.
  3. You’re melting fat: As you cook your steak, the small streaks and pockets of fat inside start melting. When the fat melts, it gets absorbed into the muscle. This gives your steak a better taste (fat contains the chemicals that gives beef its flavor) and a smoother, more tender and buttery texture.

The second part of grilling is searing. Searing a steak involves exposing its surface to extremely hot temperatures (meaning 500°or hotter) for short periods. This results in what’s called the Maillard effect, and it gives your steak the crunchy, brown flavorful exterior that steak lovers prize.

Steak Doneness Levels
All great steaks require searing (for flavor, texture, and killing surface bacteria). But it’s the internal temperature that determines your steak’s doneness. There are six main levels of doneness you can cook a steak to.
NOTE: You should always pull your steak off the grill when it’s 5° below the temperature you want it to reach. This is because your steak retains heat and will continue to cook and heat up for a short time after you pull it off the grill.

Blue Rare (115°): Also known as Very Rare, Blood Rare, Black & Blue, Pittsburgh Rare, or Bloody As Hell. Blue Rare steaks are only seared on the outside, meaning the inside remains almost completely uncooked and raw. Blue Rare steaks are often still cool on the inside, and may be placed in an oven at a low temperature to warm.

Rare (120°): Rare steaks have a warm but very red center. This means the surface has the tasty flavor and texture of the Maillard effect, but also means that the steak’s fats have not had a chance to properly melt. Because of this, Rare is a great choice for low-fat steaks, such as tenderloins, but should be avoided for well-marbled cuts such as rib-eyes, strips, and porterhouses.

Medium Rare (130°): The gold-standard of steak doneness. Ask almost any chef or steak aficionado: Medium Rare means the best tasting, most tender steak you can grill. At this temperature, the steak’s fat has had a chance to melt, distributing butteriness and flavor, but not a lot of moisture has evaporated yet, meaning a supremely tender, juicy, and plump steak. A medium-rare steak is red at the center, with a ring of pinkness between the center and the crust.

Medium (140°): A medium steak no longer contains a red center, but is pink throughout most of the steak. Medium steaks retain the buttery, flavorful taste of Medium-Rare steaks, but have slightly less juiciness and tenderness, due to moisture loss.

Medium Well (150°): Medium Well steaks still retain a little bit of pinkness and tenderness, but have begun to lose enough moisture that they will be drier and less tender than most steak lovers would care for.

Well Done (160°): Most chefs and grillmasters would say this level of doneness is poorly named – “Over-Done” would be a better fit. By this point, enough moisture (and fat) has either evaporated or leaked from the steak that it you’ll find your meat much drier and tougher than you’d probably like it.

Determining Temperature
The best way to make sure your steak has reached the temperature and level of doneness you’re looking for is to use a meat thermometer. Find a quality thermometer that gives accurate readings and slide it into the side of your steak, towards the center.

Some people will tell you not to do this, as poking a steak will let the juices leak out. Ignore them – it’s nonsense. A small amount of juices will leak, but not enough that anyone will notice.

Similarly, ignore those who tell you to check a steak’s doneness through the finger test Different breeds of beef, cuts of meat, and steak thicknesses can cause big variations in how a cooked steak feels to the touch – the method is unreliable, and is a great way to ruin a good Wagyu or Kobe-style steak.

Get Grilling
Now that you know the perfect doneness and temperature to grill your rib-eye to (hint hint: Medium Rare, Medium Rare, Medium Rare), it’s time to fire up the grill. 

If you’re looking for more tips on how to get the perfect steak, why not check out a few of Steak U’s videos, and let some of Chicago’s top steakhouse chefs and steak lovers show you how it’s done?


With the price of beef these days you don't want to "Ruin" your meat on the grill.I like my beef rare to medium rare, so I think, in my humble opinion the reverse sear method is the way to rock. Click Here to Watch.





50 shades lingerie #hipsandcurves

First off, the fact that you are even reading this is a great sign - not only are you splurging on your sweetheart (and let's face it, every girl loves a gift!) - but you actually want to get it right. The following tips will ensure you buy the perfect present. Stunning. Sophisticated. Sexy. Which one describes her? If she is already in touch with your inner sex goddess, congratulations. If you need a little help to awaken her, you've come to the right place, Hips and, the Internet's best source for sexy plus size lingerie. At Hips and Plus Size Lingerie we believe her gorgeous curves are made to be flaunted.

Hips & Curves is devoted to voluptuous, curvaceous, gorgeous plus size women. Women who love their curves. From the sweet to the sensational to the downright racy, Hips & Curves has something for every seductress.
All About Her lingerie is one of those double whammy gifts - she gets something beautiful and sexy and you get to see her in it. But don't forget that to become that sex goddess you desire, she has to feel fabulous in the purchase in the first place - buy something that you think she would love, not just something you want her to wear. Don't know what this is? Think about what she wears already - if she prefers knee-length satin slips, she won't be thrilled with crotchless panties and a leather corset. If she's demure, consider a babydoll or peignoir. For a diva with a more daring side a corset or something in shiny patent or vinyl might appeal. Shady Lady

Which hue will do? Once again think about the colors she usually wears - black is classic and flatters everyone. While you can't go wrong with this simple shade, you'll earn extra points if you choose something more avant garde. As a guide, blondes look great in pastel shades like pink and lilac, brunettes can pull of brighter hues like scarlet (red) or turquoise, and red heads look sensational in greens (check out the models here on Hips and for more ideas). Another safe bet: white looks pure on almost every skin tone and cream is always chic. Sizing Her Up

How do you find out her size? Ask her? No, no, no! You'd spoil the surprise (and let's hope this gift is a surprise!) and she would probably lie and say she's smaller than she really is anyway (it's a lady's prerogative!). Your best bet is by delving into her underwear drawer to check the labels of the lingerie she already owns - if this is out of limits, sneak a peek in her jacket, dress or pants and refer to our sizing chart. To decipher her bra size, check the label inside for an equal number like 38, 40, 42 followed by a letter or two like C, D, DD, E, etc after it - get the idea? The number is her measurement and the letter is her cup size - both are essential when buying bras, corsets and busters.

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Satin Crotchless Panty with Bows - $12.95

Stretch Lace Crotchless Panty with Criss Cross Back
Stretch Lace Crotchless Panty with Criss Cross Back

Insert some ooh-la-la into your lingerie drawer with this gorgeous Stretch Lace Crotchless Panty. Red hot lace is accented with black trim and a sexy crisscross back. An impeccable cut fits and flatters your curves ideally, revealing just enough to entice him to discover your hidden secret... these lovely lace panties are crotchless! and very  daring.

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Charmeuse Lace Babydoll

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Satin Jacquard Corset


holiday lingerie fashions for full figured women
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