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How to win free sweepstakes and contests, competitions, drawings, giveaways, games,  prizes, freebies




If you don't buy a ticket, you won't be a winner.
It's all " Free to Enter" online! You don't have to buy anything!

If you really want to win fast; then enter often, and start right now!

1. Find a good source for sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways.  is updated daily, with free public sweepstakes, contests, freebies, and shopping coupons on the internet. Online since 2001, offers coupons, discounts, freebies, sweepstakes, contests and surveys for prizes or a shopping spree.  Free printable coupons for grocery, household merchandise, and products.
At  "Where everything is just right!", sweepstakes are organized into their geographic eligibility:
Canadian Sweepstakes Contests and sweepstakes limited to Canadian residents only
American_sweepstakes Contests and sweepstakes limited to US residents only
USA Can Sweeps
Contests and sweepstakes limited to US and Canadian residents
Lastchance sweepstakes
Contests and sweepstakes about to expire

2. When entering sweeps and contests; sign up for their newsletters. Signup for our Free Newsletter to receive the newest most up to date coupons, sweepstakes and contests.

. Every time you enter a contest you need to type your name, address, phone number and other information about yourself. With a form filling program, you simply click a button on your web browser toolbar and the forms are completed for you automatically. Google includes this feature "One-click form filler" on their free toolbar that you can download here. Or use the Roboform program. Warning! Some sites automatically reject these auto entry form fillers. Read the rules carefully.

4. Organize the sweepstakes into "daily", "weekly", "monthly" and "one time only". The easiest way to do this is create a new folder in your "Favorites" for each category

5. Geographic location, number of entries, and age. Be sure not to enter more times than allowed! You will be Disqualified!

6. If your internet service provider gives you more than one email address; Use one just for contests and sweeps. Not a generic, like hotmail, etc. Use a real email address! When creating your email address; Try all "CAPITALS" ( or even some #'s ( It should be a "Blind Process"; when Merchants are choosing the prize winner. Your email may stand out and be chosen over those more usual looking.

7. Sweepstakes limited to your own town, state or province, will give you more chance of winning than National or International ones. Smaller value prizes are usually less entered and therefore easier to WIN!

8. It doesn't hurt to look around a few pages and spend some time on their site, open their Newsletters and emails, click on  some links. Merchants track all visitors, time spent, pages viewed, etc.

Merchants will ask you to refer friends and their email address to the sweepstake, often for more entries and chances to win! So be sure to have some on hand. Again, Merchants do track all visitors, time spent, pages viewed, and referrals.

10. UPC'S are required for many sweepstakes and you can find them here UPC CODES

Finally; Show others how to win...*Tweet here*

Here are some great books that can help make you a better sweeper!

READY, CLICK, WIN! How to Find, Enter and Win Online Sweepstakes

How to Win Lotteries, Sweepstakes, and Contests in the 21st Century

Complete Guide to Prize Winning by Linda Evanston

Finally...if you patient! when replying to prize sponsors and companies promoting sweeps. Be nice, polite, and Thankfull too if you would like to win again!


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 And the Lucky Winner Is--: A Complete Guide to Winning Sweepstakes and Contests

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