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bird bath
Moose Birdbath/Feeder


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Garden-fountains-double-frog PERFECT FOR A HOME POND

Garden-fountains-double-frog PERFECT FOR A HOME POND


Italian Tapestry Wallhanging

-Angels Thayer Belgian Wall Art Tapestry -

-Angels by Raffael Belgian Wall Art Tapestry-

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 Garden Fountains

The Best New Garden Ideas for 2017 News

Garden Design Magazine features all the latest trends and is packed with design ideas and resources to help you completely re-imagine, or just add new touches to, your outdoor living areas. Hot in 2017 is the use of natural materials, along with color blocking and learning to blend old and new garden features and accents. Also read up on tips to deal with drought affected areas, such as that lovely large front lawn, and the trend towards hyper-localism in plant choices. Enjoy!
If there is one constant we hear out in the world, it’s that many people are ready to shed the stresses of the past year and look forward to a positive New Year. One of the ways we can relieve some of that stress, is to create areas in our home and garden that allow time for quiet. Creating a space that is dedicated for the purpose of personal time is easy and very rewarding.
What Inspires You?
You don’t need to know anything about meditation in order to create a relaxing place in your yard. Simply sit quietly and think about what a natural, inspirational setting looks like to you. Look through magazines or online pictures to get your juices flowing. You can look to traditional designs such as Japanese or Zen, but all the world’s locations hold some personal magic. The desert, the beach or the English countryside can be just as inspiring – choose what is meaningful to you.
Be Practical
You’ll want to think about the basics now and be realistic about some things.

Size – think about all the ways you use your yard area and how you entertain. Remember, a meditation garden can still be multi-use if you have a limited amount of space.

Terrain – is this a patio only with hard surfaces you’re working with? Is your ground area level or does it have a slope? What naturally existing elements can be used to help create privacy or peaceful surroundings? What view do you wish to see when seated in your meditation garden? Consider all of these points.

Noise – Finding quiet space is one of the most important elements. Think about traffic, close-by neighbors and other factors. The use of water or soft music on a portable player can help mute undesired sounds.

Gimmie’ Shelter
Having some sort of overhang or shelter can be important. After all, one of the most peaceful sounds in nature is that of softly falling rain. But you really don’t want to be soaked while seated outside, either. Also, shelter from the hot sun in summer can make it more relaxing on your mind and body. Adding a pergola, arbor or even an enclosed pavilion are all good options to consider. Finally, don’t forget to consider what you’ll actually be sitting on. Cushions, sofas, chairs or wherever you want to be seated should be comfortable and support a good posture. Make sure fabrics are all-weather friendly too.

Be Mindful of Plants
Try to choose plants that inspire you and are beautiful to look at. If you love butterflies or birds, for example, then choose plantings that attract them. Consider their fragrances as well, and try different flowers and herbs that inspire joy and relax you. Be strategic where possible though, and pick plants that are eco-friendly. Select plants that minimize pests and keep weed growth down, naturally. As toxins won’t make you feel very Zen-like in your garden.

Additional Elements
Adding a water feature such as a fountain, waterfall or pond to your area is always a good idea. This fundamental element is always relaxing both to us, and the wildlife in the yard. Plus, if adding a fountain or waterfall, the sound of the water will help drown out any excess noise in your meditation space. Lastly, accessorize your area with a few statues or other objects that inspire you. Specific statues or stones can add meaning and focus, as well as character and even a sense of humor. As one Zen Master I know, Nissim Amon, always says to his students when meditating, “keep a little smile.”
Creating a meditation garden is an ideal way to create a relaxing, peaceful area in your home and garden. By helping to manage stress, meditation or even just reconnecting with nature, is one of the best things we can all do to help care for ourselves. What better use of your yard can there be?

Spring is just around the corner Why not befriend a bird with  -Bird Baths/Feeders-
ountains  and outside decor When looking for a fountain for your patio, learning about what types of fountains are best for your space, will help set you on the path to find your perfect outdoor water feature! .

When  looking at your overall landscape, consider first why you want a water feature. Is it meant to be the centerpiece of the design or an accent? What is the space used for? If this is an area where you entertain, then consider the flow of your space and what it will be like when others are gathered. Noise level should also be factored in. If you are looking to use the sound of water to add ambience or drown out other unpleasant sounds such as traffic, for example, then you’ll want to choose a fountain style that accomplishes those goals. See more Details here fountains
 Garden Fountains

 -Bird Baths/Feeders-

A Birdbath has a useful purpose in your outdoor setting. Birds that are natural to your area will find the birdbath a welcoming respite. They are sure to put on a fun and playful show for you and your garden guests with their fluttering and singing. Birdbaths also offer a charming touch to your décor. You can choose a short birdbath that sits on a patio or in a flower bed to provide a unique look. If you have an open garden setting, a tall and stately birdbath could create the perfect focal point! The material you choose for a birdbath totally depends on your own style and your conditions. If you are in a very windy place with harsh weather conditions, you may opt for a birdbath that is strong and hardy like cast stone. However, if you enjoy rearranging your settings frequently, a lighter weight material, like fiberglass, may be the best option for you. Placing a birdbath under a tree  is a great place which the birds love to fly in of the branches. I have a bird bath under our apple tree and we love watching the birds come in and bathe in the bath .

 Vienne Solar Birdbath
Vienne Solar Birdbath


Welcome your feathery friends in style with the Vienne Solar Birdbath. This unique birdbath/fountain provides a classic appearance for your yard or garden setting, and because it is solar powered, there are no wires to cover or plug in, all you need to run this beautiful birdbath is water and sunlight! The attention to detail, with the adorable frogs and the cattails climbing the pedestal, make the Vienne Solar Birdbath a truly delightful and entertaining accent!


Oil Paintings

-Flanders Tapestry---Tapestry Cushions-

Tempting Tasha Tapestry Decorative Afghan Throw
Tempting Tasha Tapestry Decorative Afghan Throw

from: homedecortapestries

Two Dachshunds Pink 1 - $29.00
Two Dachshunds Pink 1 -

from: homedecortapestries


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 European Table Runners

  Featured Wall Tapestries & Home Decor-


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Angels Help My Garden Grow Stone Plaque
Angels Help My Garden Grow Stone Plaque



Terracotta Composting 50-Plant Garden Tower by Garden Tower Project

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