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Call 866-381-9536-  Central Vapors LLC: Wholesale  - Seeking eJuice Liquid Resellers

for Retail establishments wishing to, or interested in purchasing and Electronic Cigarettes Wholesale.

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 e-cigarettes and vaporizers on sale as well as great deals on premium Starter Kits. Disposable E Cigarettes eLiquids Vapors eLiquid Flavor Vapes and discounts on Electronic Cigars Disposable Ecigar Replacement Coils  Mechanical Mods Cartridges and Atomizer Tanks

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High Quality E-Cigs and Vaporizors

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E Cigarette Sale Coupon Codes Promo Codes Flavor vapors accessories and ecigarettes News

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Vapor4Life Sales and Coupons

-20% Off All Herbal Vaporizers and CBD OIl With free shipping over $50! Use Code: FREE420- Exp 5/4 -20% Off All Herbal Vaporizers and CBD OIl With free shipping over $50! Use Code: FREE420- Exp 5/4

The V-Kit by WOW Vapor provides a high-powered (5V) eCig battery, a prefilled eCig cartomizer that is equivalent to over 3 packs of cigarettes, a bottle of eLiquid for refilling your eCig cartomizer, and a sleek case that is smaller than a pack of cigarettes that keeps your eCig clean and contained.

-Free Shipping on Orders over $20! Use Code: FREESHIP20--Expires 4/27 -15 - 25% Off All E-juice! Use Code: JUICYSAVINGS-exp 5/4
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COUPON DISCLAIMER: Only one coupon code can be used per purchase. Codes exclude specially-priced products and Best Sellers. Order total for discount does not include shipping or tax. Promotions are valid only for online purchases.

Everything in this kit was built by engineers for the smoker. The eCig V-Battery has 5 Volts in order provide the ultimate "hit" for smokers, the V-Flavor's proprietary formulas provide the perfect balance of throat hit and flavor, while the patent-pending V-Cart has a unique coil to create the right amount of vapor. All 3 of these eCig essentials fit neatly in a case the size of a pack of cigarettes. The V-Cart comes pre-filled with 1.8% nicotine, while the bottle of e Liquid that comes in your kit is nicotine free. Start your journey on the road to zero nicotine today. The V-Kit includes:



 VIP Electronic Cigarette

VIP are the leading e-cigarette and vaping company in the UK. offering a selection of cigalikes/cartomisers, photon tanks and sub-ohm vaping devices.  offering a large variety of cartomiser flavours and premium e-liquids in a variety of strengths.

With over 100 locations and excellent online customers service, VIP is the best choice for anyone looking to order e-cigarettes and vaping devices and eliquids.

-VIP Cartomizer Refills --VIP Accessories --VIP Vaping Kits --VIP E-Cigarette Batteries --VIP Tanks and Coils --VIP Special Offers --VIP E Liquid -VIP, electronic, ecig, cigarette, ejuice, eliquids, cigalike



Call Now: 866-381-9536


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-Call 866-381-9536-  Central Vapors LLC: Wholesale  - Seeking eJuice Liquid Resellers

Wholesale Leads - seeking Retail establishments wishing to, or interested in purchasing and Electronic Cigarettes Wholesale.
The information below is an overview of Central Vapors Wholesale opportunity for retail establishments.

U.S.A eJuice Liquids

All Central Vapor eJuice products are 100% U.S.A. made. The best ingredience only sourced from the U.S.A to ensure safety and quality of our products. eJuice liquids contain flavoring, optional Nicotine, USP-Grade and Certified Kosher VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and PG (Propylene Glycol).They also never "add" or incorporate diacetyl to our flavor lineup.

Multiple Bottle Sizes

At Central Vapors our default bottles sizes are 10, 30 and 50ml. However they  are happy to work with you to bottle the liquids in sizes 5, 10, 15, 30, 50 plastic bottles, and even glass upon request (5ml bottles may delay turnaround time). They currently sell our liquids in 10, 30 and 50 because that's what they've found that  customers have liked the best. They understand though that demand may not be your demand, and they strive to offer what their wholesalers believe is the best for their business.

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri : 9:30 am to 5:00 pm
(all times Eastern)

Best eJuice Samples

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Do you know that e-cigarettes are better substitute for tobacco and are less harmful than regular smoking? From an article written by Josh Davis, it says: "A new report published in the U.K. has concluded that e-cigarettes are nowhere near as harmful as smoking. Carried out by Public Health England (PHE), the report found that e-cigarettes are “around 95% less harmful” than smoking tobacco, and that the National Health Service should consider recommending them to help people quit smoking all together. They have also concluded that there is “no evidence” that they offer young people a gateway into smoking". So, if you are considering on quitting smoking or switching to e-cigarettes, why not try Geo e-cigarettes? Geo e-liquid is a USA made e-liquid, pharmaceutical grade e-liquid with different flavors. Developed to not only house the product, the container doubles as a recyclable package to quickly send back your used bottles. They not only facilitate it, but they reward recycling. Also, they give 1% of sale to the Eco charities. 

What are you waiting for? Switch now to Geo e-cigarettes!

Geo E-Liquids - Available in 10 Flavors!

Geo Chocolate E-Liquid - Get One for $10.99!

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 Premium Electronic Cigarette The largest retailer of electronic cigarette, cigar and pipe products, kits, eliquids, nicotine cartridges, chargers, custom batteries, cases and accessories and more.


Make the Change to Electronic Cigarettes and Enjoy Smoking Again! -Make the Change to Electronic Cigarettes and Enjoy Smoking Again!-

-Revolutionary New Alternative to Smoking - Electronic Cigarette w/many Flavors!-

 -No Tar - No Tobacco - No Ash - No Flame - No Smell - Electronic Cigarettes w/many Flavors!-

-Mods - is a proud distributor of Mods: Ijoy, Innokin, Vision, Chargers, Mod Accessories and much more!- !-has the best options for Starter Kits, Cartridges, Clearomizers, EGO, Disposable E Cigarette, Color Batteries, Carrying Cases, Cartridge Case, Accessories and  more

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ecigarretes at planetgoldilocks ECIGS

Introducing the NEW max level of nicotine in GreenSMartLiving e-cigarette
refills is now here! Each refill contains e-liquid that delivers up to 300 puffs, the equivalent of about one pack of traditional cigarettes. What are you waiting for? Be the first to try it!


20% OFF on GreenSmartLiving Zero-Starter Kits - Get Them Now!

20% OFF on GreenSmartLiving Menthol ZERO-Starter Kit - Was $10.99 NOW $8.80!

20% OFF on GreenSmartLiving Regular ZERO-Starter Kit - Was $10.99 NOW $8.80!


            As if the industry was not sly enough, Big Tobacco is breaching unparalleled levels of trickery through its current marketing gambit; pedaling a product to impressionable teenagers that has caused millions of deaths worldwide, contributed to global warming, and polluted our stomping grounds with billions of cigarette butts, the world's most common form of litter. According to the Federal Trade Commission, tobacco companies spend 10.5 billion a year on marketing , insuring not only that habits remains intact, but also that new and impressionable people convert to their products, including teenagers. Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of Big Tobacco marketing to teenagers, is the fact that youth-focused health education is limited , and at its very best appears to delay the onset of youths' engagement in traditional smoking. Electronic cigarette companies are More...
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Smokeless Cigarettes


High Quality E-Cigs and Vaporizors

-Enjoy the freedom- to smoke anywhere with CIGAVETTE

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